From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 14

Urbio got an investment from Lori Greiner


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3 Reasons to Love Urbio

1. An urban vertical garden solution.

2. Use these plastic wall-mounted planters indoors or outdoors.

3. Modular and magnetic, so you can style and re-style it depending on your mood.

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Our Take

Just like Robert, I love clean design. I love the cool minimalism of this product, and I'm a fan of the joy and color it can bring to otherwise drab surroundings for "young, hip people".

I loved this segment - how often do we get to see a Shark Fight??? And then there was the Big Reveal of the purchase order from The Container Store, brought out at the last minute to get the Sharks even more frenzied. It reminded me a little of the Big Reveal of the Travel HoodiePillow from earlier this season. But even sweeter.

Oh and watching Lori "pitch" herself to these guys was priceless! She is an incredibly accomplished woman who can make as much money with any product as she likes, yet here she was selling her credentials to get a part of this deal. Love it!

I'm looking at the blank wall behind my computer right now wishing I had an Urbio. For real. 

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The Entrepreneurs Behind Urbio

Beau Oyler & Jared Aller

Beau Oyler & Jared Aller

Urbio Got an Investment From:

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