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U-Lace got an investment from Mark Cuban


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3 Reasons to Love U-Lace

1. Kids who need 10 pairs of sneakers to express their style, can now just change the laces on one pair of shoes, and voila - a new look.

2. The laces snap in and out of the sneakers, making it easy to change your style on a daily basis.

3. Because the laces are elastic, they also make it easy to slip in and out of whatever shoes you have them looped into.

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Our Take

This segment warmed my cold, cold heart. I loved watching Daymond go to bat for Tim, even though he couldn't come on as an investor. I could see the conflict on his face when he finally had to bow out, but when Tim started in on his final pitch to Kevin and Mark, Daymond stepped in and said "You're the real deal; you don't have to prove yourself to these guys." And my heart swelled three sizes.

This product definitely seems like a hero to me. It's incredibly cheap to manufacture - with huge mark-up potential - and it's an accessory to an item of clothing that hasn't gone out of style in the 60 years it's been around.

The only challenge is in getting it into the big box stores so that it becomes available to the mass markets.

I'm sure Mark will be a big help in that journey, and will also open up a lot of possibility in the sports world as well.

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The Entrepreneurs Behind U-Lace

Tim Talley

Tim Talley

U-Lace Got an Investment From:

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