Tom & Chee

From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 24

Tom & Chee got an investment from Mark Cuban, and Barbara Corcoran

Tom & Chee

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2 Reasons to Love Tom & Chee

1. A franchise-able tomato soup and grilled cheese restaurant.

2. They serve lots of creative and quirky grilled cheese sandwiches, like the Grilled Cheese on a Donut.


Our Take

OK when can there be one of these in Burbank cuz I wanna eat a grilled cheese on a donut right now! Mouth. Watering.

Guys, seriously. Open one here.

Oh, and I forgot - they're a "health-concious" organization cuz they serve tomato soup, which is, like, made of veggies. Hilarious.

These guys are onto something special, as demonstrated by the lines out the door, along with their first franchisee who made $100,000 IN HIS FIRST MONTH OF BUSINESS. Just to be clear: He made a hundred grand. Selling grilled cheese and tomato soup. In one month.

No wonder the guys had their pick of offers. Ultimately, they went with a never-before-seen deal with Mark and Barbara, who each carved out their very own state as part of the deal. Bizarre. So Mark will receive all the franchise fees from any Tom & Chee restaurant that opens in Texas, and Barbara got the same deal for the entire state of New York. So bizarre. Why and how did these otherwise smart entrepreneurs get so starry-eyed that they accepted these conditions? That's gonna eat up a bunch of their profits - two states that LOVE to eat out. 

I'm sure they're thrilled they got a deal, though, and I can't wait to try that grilled cheese donut...mmmmm..... grilled cheese donut....

The Entrepreneurs Behind Tom & Chee

Trew Quackenbush & Corey Ward

Trew Quackenbush & Corey Ward

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