Ten Thirty One Productions

From Shark Tank Season 05 Episode 06

Ten Thirty One Productions got an investment from Mark Cuban

Ten Thirty One Productions

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2 Reasons to Love Ten Thirty One Productions

1. Ten Thirty One is a production company that runs live horror events.

2. They run a yearly haunted hayride in Los Angeles that sells out all 17 shows and earns them roughly $1.8 million in a month.


Our Take

Incredibly risky pitch - but it paid off, didn't it?

A Halloween ooky-spooky horror attraction COULD have been unbearably cheesy, but thanks to millions of dollars in revenues, Melissa is able to create a truly terrifying experience for her.... victims.

Melissa has a background in advertising and media, so she has been able to maximize how effective their ads are in selling tickets to the horror shows. Right now they are at capacity for their LA hayride, and she wants the money to expand to NY, as well as to start a horror summer camp.

Kevin can't quite reconcile her valuation, based on her numbers. She's asking for $2 million for a 10% stake, but he can only see her company being worth (at maximum) $7 million. He's out.

Robert and Lori also bow out. Daymond wants to invest, but he has to have 40%. Melissa counters with 20% and OUT OF NOWHERE Mark accepts Daymond's deal and runs up to shake Melissa's hand! Daymond is left with his jaw on the floor, and Melissa walks out with the biggest investment in Shark Tank history.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Ten Thirty One Productions

Melissa Carbone

Melissa Carbone

Ten Thirty One Productions Got an Investment From:

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