Surfset Fitness

From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 01

Surfset Fitness got an investment from Mark Cuban

Surfset Fitness

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3 Reasons to Love Surfset Fitness

1. Bulky muscle is out - lean, surfer muscle is in. Get the in look using the Surfset Fitness method.

2. Specifically designed to use and strengthen all your core muscles.

3. A complete-body workout that gets your body moving as a cohesive whole, not just with isolated exercises.


Our Take

For at least the second time this season, Robert goes shoeless in this segment (see also: Xero Shoes). But he does it because he cares. It's not easy to get a multi-millionaire to appear on national TV in stocking feet, so hats off to Mike Hartwick & Sarah Ponn.

Hats off, too, for their confidence in the Tank. They know their numbers, they have sales, they have a pretty good margin, they've got endorsements and have been featured on TV numerous times, so for the Sharks they're starting to look... well probably like an actual surfer looks to an actual shark: like a tasty morsel to take a bite out of.

Mark comes out with an offer almost right away, offering them $300,000 for 33% of their company. That starts the bidding off fiercely and soon Robert and Daymond are in as well, offering their own perspectives on where the business should go from here.

But Barbera soon chimes in - buttering up Mark by saying he's the best, most honest Shark up there, before offering to go half-sies with him on his deal. Mark turns her down and sticks to his original offer.

I think it's pretty amazing how Mark made probably the worst offer, percentage-wise, yet he walked away with the deal. It's a testament to his skill as a salesman and to how he's positioned himself as a guru investor. His enthusiasm for Surfset Fitness was pretty obvious, too, so that goes a long way too.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Surfset Fitness

Mike Hartwick & Sarah Ponn

Mike Hartwick & Sarah Ponn

Surfset Fitness Got an Investment From:

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