From Shark Tank Season 05 Episode 10

Pursecase got an investment from Lori Greiner


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2 Reasons to Love Pursecase

1. Solves the issue of what to do with your cell phone if you don't carry a giant purse with you and don't like keeping your phone in your pocket.

2. It allows you to carry your cards, cash, and cell phone, and includes a small mirror so you can check your makeup quickly and conveniently.


Our Take

"Stylin' and dialing'." Yikes.

Robert kicks this segment off right by pointing out that this product is already being cheaply produced and sold on the streets of Europe.

Maybe I'm just a crank but I don't see the value in this. I get that girls don't want to carry their cell phones in their hands, but does this little purse make the process any easier for them? I don't know that it does.

Apparently, I'm wrong, since their sales are going really well for a new company, and they've been extended a credit line of a million dollars already by another investor.

Robert, Mark, and Barbara (all as unimpressed as I am) go out pretty quickly. Kevin makes a RIDICULOUS offer - giving them a mere $55,000 (their ask) in return for a $1 royalty which drops down to $0.75 after he's made his money back. In perpetuity.

Lori really likes this product - she calls it a "superhero" even though she has a product exactly like it already on QVC. She offers them exactly what they want and they instantly accept. 

The Entrepreneurs Behind Pursecase

Jenn Deese & Kelley Coughlan

Jenn Deese & Kelley Coughlan

Pursecase Got an Investment From:

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