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PRO-NRG got an investment from Daymond John


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3 Reasons to Love PRO-NRG

1. All-natural protein water drink.

2. An energy drink that doesn't rely on caffeine, so there's no edginess or crash.

3. Can be used to give you a pre-workout boost, or for a post-workout recovery.


Our Take

Like pets and children, celebrities in the Shark Tank are a dicey proposition. (See No-Fly Cone for a perfect example ;) They almost never bring the credibility to your product you're hoping they bring, and they can distract from your product - especially if it's a lackluster one like PRO-NRG.

Two-time Super Bowl champion Brandon Jacobs is Tania's celebrity-endorser for PRO-NRG. He claims his teammates love it, although he stops just short of actually saying it helped his team win the Super Bowl. No need for hyperbole. My favorite part was when Daymond asked Brandon to crack Kevin's skull... with the Super Bowl rings on. Mr. Wonderful's had that coming for a long time now.

Honestly, when Tania revealed that she was making less off the product than her distributors, that's when my wallet would have slammed shut. That's crazy. I did some quick math, too, and realized that if she made $120,000 in the three months she's been in business, and was in 3000 stores (as she claimed), that's a total of $40 from each store. If those retailers are selling her drink for almost $4, then that's a sum total of about 10 sales from each store. In three months. Not great, Tania. Either some of the math is off, or this product is just not moving. No wonder she needs a celebrity endorsement.

Long story short, a lackluster presentation for a lackluster product. The market is so saturated with these kinds of drinks right now - and after Tania's presentation I had no idea what set her apart from her competitors. 

But, amazingly, she got an investment from Daymond. Here's hoping he can finagle a good deal for PRO-NRG through one of his other investments.

The Entrepreneurs Behind PRO-NRG

Tania Patruno & Brandon Jacobs

Tania Patruno & Brandon Jacobs

PRO-NRG Got an Investment From:

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