Postcard on the Run

From Shark Tank Season 05 Episode 01

Postcard on the Run got an investment from Robert Herjavec

Postcard on the Run

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3 Reasons to Love Postcard on the Run

1. Send a postcard to anyone in the world from wherever you are, using only your mobile phone.

2. Include a real signature by signing the postcard with your finger.

3. Snap a picture with your phone and use the image as your real-world postcard.


Our Take

"Snap. Tap. And Send."

That's a great tag-line for this product. Props to Josh for coming up with that.

What's great about Josh's pitch is that he marries the tech appeal with a real heart-string-tugging emotional pitch as well. "Wouldn't your kids' grandparents LOVE a personalized postcard to hang on their fridge for the rest of their lives?"

The real innovation here is their "MailGopher" app that allows you to send a physical postcard without having the recipient's actual address. That's pretty clever, Josh!

Mark and Kevin came down pretty hard on Josh - both for his money-management and for the potential money-making opportunities inherent in his idea.

Barbara doesn't like that it gives her no "warm and fuzzies".

Robert makes an offer giving him half of the valuation he walked in with. Speaking of Robert, he must have taken a confidence course over the summer break, 'cause he came in strong, saying he earned his own money and that money gives him the privilege to make an offer that he feels is fair.

Josh talks him up a little bit and walks out with a deal with Robert.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Postcard on the Run

Josh Brooks

Josh Brooks

Postcard on the Run Got an Investment From:

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