Paparazzi Proposals

From Shark Tank Season 05 Episode 08

Paparazzi Proposals got an investment from Lori Greiner, and Kevin O'Leary

Paparazzi Proposals

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3 Reasons to Love Paparazzi Proposals

1. Paparazzi-style photography for your proposal.

2. Capture your once-in-a-lifetime moment forever - without having a photographer right there in your face.

3. The photographer can also offer suggestions and advice on the big proposal moment.


Our Take

Setting aside our gag-reflex (James is a former paparazzi rat, after all), I did find him to be a very charming pitch-man. It might just have been the accent, but I thought he was very easy-going and light-hearted about being in the Tank. Maybe that makes him a guppy to these Sharks, but I found it a refreshing change of tone from most pitches.

Kevin (rightly) finds his valuation insane and bows out after a shouting match with LoriMark also thinks the business is doomed - it's not scalable - and he's out.

Lori think it's a great idea, but neither she nor Barbara can figure out how they can make money. 

But at least Lori attempts to offer him some constructive advice, over the protestations of the other Sharks, before making him an offer to come in at 50%. Mr. Wonderful comes back in with Lori with a slightly better offer. Then Robert makes an offer. James waffles, and Robert goes out.

It becomes a bit of a feeding frenzy at that point, and James is left to just listen while the Sharks fight over who's getting screwed more. 

Finally they pressure James into sealing the deal with Lori and Kevin.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Paparazzi Proposals

James Ambler

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