My Cold Snap

From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 15

My Cold Snap did not get an investment from the Sharks.

My Cold Snap

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3 Reasons to Love My Cold Snap

1. My Cold Snap is a proven, easy way to keep your beer can chilled.

2. It keeps it cool until you're finished drinking it, unlike other products that only keep it cool for a little while.

3. The My Cold Snap is reusable, too!

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Our Take

Here's an interesting deal: buy my company outright. Sounds reasonable, right?


This boulder is rolling downhill and none of the Sharks are willing or able to stop that boulder.

As Barbara says: "It sounds like you rolled a dead corpse out of the closet and tried to sell it to me."

Throw in a little more sass from Daymond ("You're doing a terrible job, don't worry about it.") and this product is officially on ice.

The Entrepreneurs Behind My Cold Snap

Scott Duff & Carlos Ortiz

Scott Duff & Carlos Ortiz

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