Misto Box

From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 21

Misto Box got an investment from Mark Cuban

Misto Box

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3 Reasons to Love Misto Box

1. Get unique coffees delivered to your doorstep.

2. Four new local coffee samples each month - pick your favorite and have a full bag delivered with no shipping costs.

3. A great gift for coffee lovers!


Our Take

Coffee. The #1 drug in the world (and my personal savior). 

Here are two Kickstarter-funded entrepreneurs who found a great niche to cater to: people who don't have the luxury of living in a big city, where many local coffee roasters work. 

The coffee beans come from one of four regions: South America, Africa, Indonesia, or Central America. From there, the coffee goes to a roaster in the US, and from there it is packaged up in sample size and sent to your doorstep! It's a coffee-of-the-month concept, but what sets it apart is the unique selling point.

They got a surprisingly generous offer from Kevin O'Leary, who offered them the full amount in exchange for 25% (they were asking for 15%). That's not a bad deal for a company that's only a couple months old. But they held out for Mark Cuban, and gave him even more equity than Kevin was asking for (30%)!!!!!! 

The only explanation? Samantha had a crush on Mark and Conor liked sports. Not a very shark-y deal on their part, but they got the investor they wanted, so good for them. I was just surprised that Kevin's offer was so reasonable.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Misto Box

Samantha Meis & Conor Riley

Samantha Meis & Conor Riley

Misto Box Got an Investment From:

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