Magic Moments

From Shark Tank Season 05 Episode 09

Magic Moments did not get an investment from the Sharks.

Magic Moments

3 Reasons to Love Magic Moments

1. Using this app, take images on your mobile phone and instantly turn those images into original products.

2. You can offer your products up for sale in the Magic Moments marketplace, too.

3. Put your cellphone image on t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, tote bags, etc.


Our Take

When it comes to tech products in the Tank, I simultaneously love them and hate them.

I love them because, well, I'm a tech guy and think new technology is right up there with sliced bread.

But usually I hate them because innovators get all excited about the idea that "now we can do this thing we've always done... but on our phone" or "with our online friends!"

That's the case with Magic Moments. At first it sounds like a neat idea - maybe not for selling your masterpiece iPhone photo of a field of sunflowers, but maybe for creating party favors, gifts, and personal mementos.

But, during their pitch, the three entrepreneurs get a dose of reality from Mark Cuban: Why would anyone want to do that from their mobile phone? Isn't it easier just to load the image onto your desktop and make something creative from there?

I think that's the take-away from this segment. It's really easy to get carried away with new technology. Not that I'm a Luddite, but sometimes I don't want to do everything... on my phone.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Magic Moments

Trevor & Blake George, and Sanford Nelson

Trevor & Blake George, and Sanford Nelson

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