From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 26

LiddUp got an investment from Kevin O'Leary


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3 Reasons to Love LiddUp

1. A cooler with LED lights inside.

2. Activates when you open the cooler.

3. Non-heat emitting diodes light up the interior of the cooler without heating it up.


Our Take

A cooler with lights inside??? How has no one ever done this before??

I mean, if you're out in the middle of a freakin' lake at night with a cooler of beverages, how the heck are you supposed to tell the difference between a refreshing adult beverage and a freakin' GRAPE SODA?

The guys got an offer from Mr. Wonderful and they seemed happy about it - claiming afterwards that they WANTED a deal with Kevin. He offered them a "cool" $100,000 in exchange for 33% of all royalties. Not bad considering they're still in development and don't have any sales as of yet.

The Entrepreneurs Behind LiddUp

Taylor Gwiazdon & Jayson Sandberg

Taylor Gwiazdon & Jayson Sandberg

LiddUp Got an Investment From:

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From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 26

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