From Shark Tank Season 05 Episode 14

Invisiplug got an investment from Lori Greiner


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2 Reasons to Love Invisiplug

1. A power-strip that blends into your decor rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

2. Comes in three styles - light natural, cherry, or dark oak.

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Our Take

This segment was a 180 degree flip-flop from how I usually feel about most segments. I usually really like the product, but find the entrepreneur lacking. The opposite is true with this segment. 

I don't think the Invisiplug is a "hero" product - even though Lori did invest in it. However, like Robert, I was fully taken in by it's inventors, Michael and Brian. They were respectful, considerate, and yet forthright. And they didn't come off as "sales-y", with slick marketing lingo and appeals to your deepest fears and emotions, like some salesmen like to do.

While most of the Shark went out pretty quickly based on their insane valuation, Lori stuck around and lo-and-behold they revealed they would be featured in an upcoming issue of Oprah's "O" magazine. I believe they call that "burying the lead", guys. After that, Robert got interested again, and made an offer. However, after too much waffling, he backed out, and Michael and Brian were left with only Lori's offer. Her offer was steep, but fair, considering the risk she was taking. But she gave them the money they need to get their big-box orders out and into the market.

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The Entrepreneurs Behind Invisiplug

Michael Barzman & Brian O

Michael Barzman & Brian O'Connell

Invisiplug Got an Investment From:

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