How Do You Roll

From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 18

How Do You Roll got an investment from Kevin O'Leary

How Do You Roll

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3 Reasons to Love How Do You Roll

1. A high-quality sushi experience paired with the laid-back atmosphere of a fast food restaurant.

2. A great franchise opportunity.

3. Party catering and online ordering available.


Our Take


That. Is. Astounding. 

But as Robert said - More power to you. That takes guts. They still got an offer of $1 million during this segment from Kevin, but didn't turn THAT down, thank goodness.

Side note: is it just me, or is Barbara getting a little batty? During this segment, she said the presentation was basically "too good". Between that and her comment about wanting to hoard her clear plastic dry cleaning bags (during the Green Garmento segment) I'm starting to wonder if the old Barbara has been replaced by my grandmother (love you, granny!).

So this business is basically applying the Subway business model to sushi. Genius. Out here in California, sushi is almost one of the four food groups, and it seems like it's getting pretty popular around the rest of the country too.

Can't wait to try one!

The Entrepreneurs Behind How Do You Roll

Peter & Yuen Yung

Peter & Yuen Yung

How Do You Roll Got an Investment From:

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