Grace and Lace

From Shark Tank Season 05 Episode 10

Grace and Lace got an investment from Barbara Corcoran

Grace and Lace

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2 Reasons to Love Grace and Lace

1. Forget about wearing boring socks under your best boots - you can replace them with something stylish and fashion-forward.

2. The Grace and Lace stockings peek out over your boots, showing off buttons, frills, and a little bit of lace.

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Our Take

We can all agree this is one of the most successful Shark Tank segments ever... right? Any nay-sayers? Didn't think so.

I'm truly green with envy over Rick and Melissa's online presence - a presence which we can only assume grew expontentially after their segment aired. Truly, it is not easy to make millions of dollars on the internet (no matter what the gurus tell you), so my hat is off to them for launching a million dollar company using only their social media savvy.

On the business end of things, they have incredible sales and terrific margins, good enough to change Kevin's mind from almost going out immediately to getting that greedy Shark look in his eyes.

You have to think they were disappointed to lose Lori so soon into the negotiations. I can't help but think they would have been a great match, but Lori (who presumably doesn't wear boots) couldn't relate the product.

Barbara and Kevin both jumped in with offers. For approximately the 100,000th time, our brave entrepreneurs masked their disgust at another of Kevin's greedy offers and gamely moved onto more sensible waters.

Robert comes in real hot on Grace & Lace, offering them exactly what they asked for - and doesn't allow them to move on to see if there was one last offer from Mark until he gets an answer (Robert's showing more and more backbone this season - and I like it!). Kevin calls this "bone in mouth syndrome" - in reference to the dog who's got a bone already, but drops in for the promise of a bigger bone, ultimately losing both. Rick and Melissa can't get it together to accept Robert's offer, though, and he does indeed go out.

Ultimately, Barbara revises her offer so that she gives them half the money upfront and half as a line of credit, at exactly the percentage they asked for. So, in the end, for all their waffling, they were incredibly successful at setting a goal (partnering with Barbara) and manifesting that exact outcome.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Grace and Lace

Melissa & Rick Hinnant

Melissa & Rick Hinnant

Grace and Lace Got an Investment From:

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