From Shark Tank Season 05 Episode 16

Cycloramic got an investment from Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner


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3 Reasons to Love Cycloramic

1. An iPhone app that takes full 360 degree panoramic pictures.

2. The app activates your phone's "vibrate" function and uses it to spin the phone around without the use of any extra accessories.

3. The app also includes a seamless photo stitcher that combines your pics into one giant panoramic photo.


Our Take

This might be the meatiest Shark Tank Feeding Frenzy in the history of the Tank! The value of Bruno's company, Cycloramic, just kept going up, up, and up.

As is usually the case when a feeding frenzy happens, Bruno more or less stood there grinning as the Sharks swiped at each other, wheeling, dealing, and re-dealing amongst themselves, leaving Francois to look like the cat who ate the canary.

The app is cool - I will give him that. I at first, like the Sharks, didn't realize it was rotating on its own - I thought the white stand was rotating it. But when he showed it on the desk rotating just by the power of its vibrational function, that really blew me away. Still, though, I admit I don't 100% see what other applications this feature could be used to enhance. But that's why I'm not a Shark.

And when the App King of the Sharks himself, Mark Cuban, offers you $1 million for a 30% share of your company, you KNOW you have something good. At that point, regardless of how excited the rest of the Sharks are, there's no way you can turn him down. He knows apps.

But, not content with JUST Mark, Bruno convinces Lori to go in on the deal, too, making him probably the luckiest and most successful entrepreneur they've had in the Tank this season.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Cycloramic

Bruno Francois

Bruno Francois

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