From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 13

Cuddletunes did not get an investment from the Sharks.


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3 Reasons to Love Cuddletunes

1. A teddy bear that plays recorded, personalized messages to your loved ones.

2. Perfect for traveling parents who can't be there to say goodnight to their children.

3. Record a message from wherever you are and it instantly becomes available on the bear - even thousands of miles away!


Our Take

Well, as much as I agree with the Sharks here that there's a lot of pieces to this puzzle that are missing, I have a personal love for this product.

As a child, my grandmother (who lived in England) would use her tape recorder to record songs, stories, and personal messages and send them to me in New Jersey. Those tapes were incredibly meaningful to me, so I have to strongly object to Barbara's assertion that this product would only make kids sad. 

Mike committed a couple of "Shark Tank Sins" here, namely "valuing his time" into the cost of bringing the Cuddletunes bear to market. 

My personal favorite moment was Mark Cuban sarcastically "ooooh"-ing and rolling his eyes at Mike's 9.5% conversion rate. It's not easy being in the Tank, and I almost always sympathize with the entrepreneurs, but sometimes you can't help but laugh at the sass.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Cuddletunes

Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson

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From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 13

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