Cozy Bug

From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 05

Cozy Bug got an investment from Daymond John

Cozy Bug

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3 Reasons to Love Cozy Bug

1. Dresses for girls made from pillowcases.

2. The dresses grow with your child so that as she gets taller, the dress can be used as a top.

3. 10% of all proceeds go to helping women in the Congo.


Our Take

Stop the presses. Seriously. Aly - you sold $300,000 worth of Cozy Bug dresses in 30 days?!? I think you can assume you have the Sharks' attention.

First of all - good job on suing your former employer for not letting you pump at work. It's unbelievable that someone in this day and age wouldn't let you do that. And the lawsuit money gave you the start-up funds to start Cozy Bug - awesome.

Aly just needs help getting into the big national chains - she clearly has a winning product, but it's hard to bust down those doors and get seen by the big boys. 

Lori offers her just that and promises to make her a millionaire (after Kevin makes his usual offer to finance the company for a royalty in perpe-zzzzzzzzzzzz... oh, sorry, Kevin, I fell asleep).

Then Daymond jumps in with the same offer as Lori - $50,000 for 30% of the company, claiming that his is the better deal cuz he did $6 b-b-b-billion in the last year in retail alone.

Then things get heated. Lori and Daymond are talking over each other and provoking each other until Robert is forced to pull them apart.

Ultimately, Aly goes with Daymond because Lori threatened to take her deal off the table unless Aly went with her right away. Looks like Lori got too greedy.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Cozy Bug

Aly Lessor

Aly Lessor

Cozy Bug Got an Investment From:

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