Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 06

Cousins Maine Lobster Truck got an investment from Barbara Corcoran

Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

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2 Reasons to Love Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

1. A mobile food truck delivering fresh Maine lobster to Southern California.

2. Each lobster they serve comes directly from Maine.


Our Take

Mmmmm... lobster. The most succulent of sea meats.

These charming Maine-ers just want to add a new food truck to their fleet! And, hey - Sharks! They're in LA... where you film. This can only benefit you directly as you will have easier access to fresh lobster rolls. Do the deal.

These two go-getters claim to have made $150,000 in two months with ONE truck. So valuing their company at over $1 million doesn't seem so crazy now, does it Uncle Kevin? Just imagine the dough they could make with a second truck.

But I'm clearly the only sane person left in the world, so don't listen to me. These two guys get 'tude from Kevin, Daymond, and Mark about their valuation, all of them saying they could never ever ever ever invest at that valuation. Not even a little bit. They all go out, leaving Barbara - the "old crab" (according to Mark) and Robert.

Cue a little feeding-frenzy bidding war, leading to two offers, at which point the gents ask what kind of strategy the two sharks left would offer. Robert gets into a bit of a huff over the question and removes himself from the bidding, leaving Crusty Crab Barbara to make the deal with Jim & Sabin.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

Jim Tselikis & Sabin Lomac

Jim Tselikis & Sabin Lomac

Cousins Maine Lobster Truck Got an Investment From:

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