From Shark Tank Season 05 Episode 10

Chocomize did not get an investment from the Sharks.


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3 Reasons to Love Chocomize

1. An online system you can use to customize your own bar of chocolate.

2. Great for gifts or promotional products.

3. Choose your own shape, your own chocolate, and up to five ingredients. You can even customize a message!

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Our Take

Hello Bahston! Nice accent, Joe ;)

Good for Joe for being loyal to his people! Mr. Wonderful straight-up offers him a job working for "Mr. Wonderful's Chocolate Factory" for $500,000 and throws in a 25% stake - but Joe own't leave his company behind. It's not even his company - he actually is only a small stakeholder in the company, but he's one of the managers I guess, so he's authorized to get up and make this pitch.

Mark is right when he says there's nothing to stop him (or Kevin) from starting their own custom chocolate business, and he knows there's room in the market since Chocomize is currently only pulling in a few hundred thousand each year.

All the Sharks, save Kevin, go out with varying degrees of appreciation for the product  (dear old Barbara is thoroughly unimpressed with the packaging and design, for example).

Kevin holds out for Joe to accept his offer to come work for him, but Joe is steadfast and walks out without a deal.

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The Entrepreneurs Behind Chocomize

Joe Dauenhauer

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