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CateApp got an investment from Kevin O'Leary, and Daymond John


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3 Reasons to Love CateApp

1. A call and text blocker for your mobile phone.

2. Set up a private list of contacts that you don't want to appear on your phone, and any calls or texts from those contacts are blocked and stored for later.

3. Also erases calls and texts that you would like to keep private.


Our Take

Morality so rarely plays any kind of role in the Tank, which is why this segment captures our attention so thoroughly.

Robert is first to jump into that discussion, asking whether Neal has any misgivings about making money off of helping to protect men & women who try to hoodwink their significant others.

Kevin clearly has no questions about the morality, turning to Robert and asking him "What are you talking about?" Anyone who's surprised, please raise your hands... I didn't think so.

Neal counters that if you didn't like carrots, but they were selling like hotcakes, would you say that deal wasn't for you because you didn't like them, or would you hold your nose and jump in? You'd jump in, right?

The other way of looking at this, is that it will SAVE marriages. Anyone with a jealous significant-other knows that as soon as you start getting texts from people of the opposite sex who are legitimate friends, your jealous partner will begin a never-ending barrage of questioning trying to figure out if they're being cheated on. 

Kevin also points out that this app would be extremely valuable for companies that send out sales reports, but don't want to run the risk of those sales numbers being exposed if someone happens to misplace their phone with those reports on them.

Barbara also sees a lot of value in the software as a tool for law enforcement officials who need to protect their sources.

But as hard as Barbara tries to re-position this as a privacy app, in my humble opinion the damage has been done and this will forever be known as the cheater's app.

I guess Neal feels the same way, because he accepts a deal with Kevin and Daymond for $70,000 for 35%, bypassing her offer of $50,000 for 25%.

Neal left the Tank with not only a deal under his belt, but seemingly the respect of Mark Cuban, who watched with glee from the sidelines, cheering Neal on as he negotiated and re-negotiated the value of his company to get the best possible deal for himself.

The Entrepreneurs Behind CateApp

Neal Desai

Neal Desai

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