Boo Boo Brands

From Shark Tank Season 05 Episode 20

Boo Boo Brands got an investment from Kevin O'Leary

Boo Boo Brands

3 Reasons to Love Boo Boo Brands

1. Waterproof wound-protection that applies like a liquid, but adheres securely to the skin.

2. Comes in a variety of colors, or in just plain "skin tone" if you don't want to draw attention to your ouchie.

3. The hardended "goo" will protect the wound all day, and prevent little fingers from picking at the scab.

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Our Take

It's pretty clever of Andrew to come into the Tank right away knowing this is a licensing play. There's no way a dad and his 6-year-old daughter can go up against some of the big-brand bandage companies. 

The fact that he came in without a patent secured is less laudable. The patent is really THE ONE THING you need in order to do a licensing deal (other than, well, the product I guess). While this scared the other Sharks off, it left Kevin with just enough interest to make an offer contingent on Andrew getting that patent.

Were he to secure it, I'd imagine he would stand to do quite well. I think he's right that this is a product that directly appeals to the age group that uses Band-Aids more than any other group. The personalization potentional is nice, too - you can pick colors and also maybe do a neat design over the wound itself.

So, lucky for Andrew, Kevin loves a licensing play. If it weren't for that, I can't see Boo Boo Goo getting too far with a 6-year-old CEO.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Boo Boo Brands

Kiowa & Andrew Kavovit

Boo Boo Brands Got an Investment From:

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