Back 9 Dips

From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 04

Back 9 Dips got an investment from Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec

Back 9 Dips

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2 Reasons to Love Back 9 Dips

1. A chicken-based snack dip.

2. Each dip contains real chicken, along with amazing flavors like Buffalo, Blue Cheese, and Southern Sweet Heat.


Our Take

Bringing to mind the famous "Bass-o-matic" sketch from the demented mind of Dan Aykroyd on Saturday Night Live in the late 70s, the Back 9 Dips concept is to take a couple of chickens, blend 'em up, and put them in a tub for you to dip your chips in.

Smart idea #1: serve the dip FIRST, then tell the Sharks what they were eating.

Smart idea #2: combine the two best-selling Super Bowl weekend snacks into one awesome product.

But after the hilarity of the first ten minutes, things took a turn towards the dramatic as the Sharks dropped out one by one, leaving only Daymond. Miraculously, Lori decided to come back in, offering a deal to Daymond to go in together.

Daymond gave us a rare peak into his softer side with a story about getting a big break when his wife was pregnant, and how that investment (from LL Cool J) led to his first million dollars by the time his wife gave birth. 

But even with all that going through his mind, Daymond decided he couldn't bring anything to the table, so he was out, leaving the door open for Robert to come back in.

This was surely one of the most emotional segments in the Tank, showing us that it's not always 100% about the money; sometimes the Sharks have heart too.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Back 9 Dips

David & Nique Mealy

David & Nique Mealy

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From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 04

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