Alpha M Style System

From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 01

Alpha M Style System did not get an investment from the Sharks.

Alpha M Style System

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3 Reasons to Love Alpha M Style System

1. A six-disc DVD series to educate men about how to dress better.

2. Dressing better can lead to more success in business and in dating.

3. Comes with an easy-to-understand "system" which helps you dress exceptionally every time you go to your closet.


Our Take

Sorry, dude - anyone who tries to position themself as a style guru who still wears an earring isn't fooling me. That's my personal opinion, but it's a pretty undeniable fact that earrings for men went out of style sometime back in the nineties.

Other than that, not a bad pitch. Aaron effectively made use of the "your competitors are better than you but I can teach you how to be better than them" fear-based sales tactic (that's a mouthful). He also had a great visual demonstration, using two twins to show the Sharks "average" Joe and "Alpha M" Joe - like a live before and after.

He's selling girls and money, and it seems like the Sharks are buying, at least at first. Daymond the Bloodhound gets to the bottom of things, as he usually does, and gets Aaron to grudgingly admit that, yes, what he needs is someone to work for his brand. It doesn't seem as though Aaron has much of a sales plan or a business model in place yet. That's a problem when you're coming into the Tank. Selling 75 units randomly in 4 weeks on your website doesn't make bells of joy ring out in the Sharks' brains.

That said, I LOVED his response when Kevin expressed his fears about what would become of the business if Aaron got run over by a bus. "Put a picture of me with a harp on the DVD and call it 'Your Style Guardian Angel'"! That's thinking on your feet at its best.

But even Aaron's quick-thinking couldn't ultimately sway the Sharks into investing in his Alpha M Style DVDs.

The Entrepreneurs Behind Alpha M Style System

Aaron Marino

Aaron Marino

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