From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 17

CordaRoy’s got an investment from Lori Greiner


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3 Reasons to Love CordaRoy’s

1. A bean bag chair that turns into a bed.

2. Comes in child, full, queen, and king sizes.

3. Choose from several fabric and pattern choices for the cover so it matches your personal style.

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Our Take

This is a case of a great salesman, with an already-successful product, who just needs that helping-hand to get up to the next level. 

I wouldn't hesitate to invest in Byron - he's got his act together - but the catch is that he needs someone who can help him in a very specific way. That's why he's kind of forced into taking Lori's offer - she's the only one there who can give him the exposure he needs.

Aaaaaand so: she asks for 60% of his company. Greedy Shark.

I found myself (as I often do) screaming at the TV (or the computer :) "COUNTER! COUNTER!" And this time, it worked! Byron countered down to 40%, but Lori only budged 2%, down to 58%. Luckily, Byron was smart and said he'd do it as long as it meant he could work less. Ha! Love it!

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The Entrepreneurs Behind CordaRoy’s

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Byron Young

CordaRoy’s Got an Investment From:

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