Cool Wazoo

From Shark Tank Season 04 Episode 10

Cool Wazoo got an investment from Lori Greiner

Cool Wazoo

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3 Reasons to Love Cool Wazoo

1. A multi-functional tool for active moms.

2. Can be used as a diaper-changing pad, a grocery cart cover, and a car shade.

3. Designed to protect your kids from scorching-hot swings and outdoor seats.

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Our Take

Great product. Anyone that can combine 5 products into one (beautifully designed) little package is a straight-up GENIUS.

And that's coming from a guy who ain't even got no kids. THAT'S how impressive this product is - to me at least.

Not so much true for the Sharks... at least at first.

But before we get to that, poor Ginelle had a real tale of woe to tell the Sharks. As Uncle Kevin says: She got Cool Wa-SCREWED. First by her manufacturer, who messed up 85% of her order after being on the Today Show, then by the show The Doctors, who asked her to give everyone in the their audience a FREE Cool Wazoo. Ouch.

This, among other setbacks and poorly thought-out business decisions, has the Sharks steaming mad - much like Ginelle's baby on her scorching hot swing. One by one they take themselves out, until Ginelle is left with no one to invest.

Then the water-works. I understand it can be stressful in the Tank. Nerve-wracking. Heart-attack-inducing, in some cases. Being an entrepreneur can be hard. But, tears? Come on,  Ginelle. When the Sharks are all out, you pick yourself up and leave with your head up.

But I bet Ginelle is glad she sacrificed some of her dignity. Surprise! Lori comes back in and offers to take her under her wing and make the product the success it deserves to be.

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The Entrepreneurs Behind Cool Wazoo

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Ginelle Mills

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